A Game With Teen Appeal

Level: Intermediate

Location: Computer room

Topic: Prepositions, describing things in a room

Skills Focus: Live Listening

Game: Obama Guantanamo Escape

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Teenagers sometimes like to play games that have a slight rebellious nature and that pokes fun at authority figures.  The game referrences a few iconic film characters including (in order of appearance) Rambo, Jack Sparrow, Yoda, Spiderman and The Terminator.


Play the game yourself once to familiarise yourself with the game play.  Use the walkthrough to help you.  When you play this with your class either have the walkthrough up on a teacher’s computer screen but so that no-one can see it OR print off a copy of the walkthrough.


1 Get all learners to the start of the game.  Let them watch the short video sequence at the beginning to set the scene.

2 Ask learners “where is Obama?” and “What can you see?”.  If there is a board which everyone can see then brainstorm vocabulary onto it.

3 Ask learners “what do you think you need to do to escape?”  As learners answer this keep monitoring as someone is always a little restless to play.  If you see anyone progressing in the game ask them to stand up and tell the class what they did using any elicited vocabulary.

4 Using the walkthrough direct learners towards the answer.  A typical start to the game could be:

Teacher: “What can you see above him?”

Learner: “A Baseball.”

Teacher: “Well, you need that.  How are you going to get it when your hands are tied?”

You may see a learner figure it out and if so ask them to stand and tell the class how they did it.  If not continue asking questions towards the answer:

Teacher: “His hands are tied so what could he use to get the ball?”

The answer is he kicks the wooden frame a couple of times and knocks the baseball to his feet where he can pick it up using his feet.

5 Continue using the walkthrough to direct learners through the game and getting fast players to stop and explain how they are getting ahead.

NOTE A game can be quite distracting so switch of a learner’s screen and don’t turn it back on until they have described how they progressed in the game to the class.  You may find that you only use the walkthrough occasionally when everyone is stuck and your role becomes ‘screen switcher offer’.  Remember this is fine as long as language is being produced.  Learner’s may get frustrated but remain calm as this is what should be happening.


Just before the end of the computer room time comes to a close (ten minutes or so) tell your learners to “stop playing for a moment”.  Get them to open a new internet explorer page and direct them to the walkthrough.  They can play the last 5 minutes of the class playing the game using the walkthrough.


Using the walkthrough they finish the game.  Ask them to think of another film character that they would like to have been in the game.  Ask them to write the walkthrough for their character clearly explaining where he/ she would appear in the game, why and how the game would involve the character. Next class ask them to explain their choices and walkthrough and ask the class to judge which was the best/ most original/ funniest/ stupidest etc.


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