Tale of Big Totem Treasure

Level: Intermediate

Location: Computer room

Skills focus: Reading

Game: Treasure of Big Totem

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Two possibilities:

1 CLASSROOM – Print off a copy of the story and read the tale in class.  Learners predict the most important elements of the story needed to play the game and underline them.  They then use dictionaries to check up any difficult vocabulary.

2 COMPUTER ROOM – Learners open three explorer windows (the game, the Tale of the Treasure of Big Totem, and an online dictionary)


Learners read “The tale of the Treasure of Big Totem” and play the game as a comprehension check.


Focus on language elements in the Tale that are unfamiliar to your learners.  Having played the game they may now be able to make educated guesses at the meaning.  If you all have a copy of the Tale ask your learners questions about the language.  e.g.

What’s a spade?”

“What’s a pick axe?”

“The spade was leaning against the totem.  What does leaning against mean?”

“What did you do with the rope?”


Learners write out a walkthrough.


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