English Attack – a new fun way of learning English

English Attack is a new way of learning English through videos, games and other online entertainment platforms. Aimed at the 15-35 year-olds and claimed by the founders to be “the world’s first 100% entertainment-focused online resource for improving English language skills”, it is now open for beta testing (you can request an account here) and my first impression is that it looks like it’s going to be a winner.

I’ve just signed up for an account, so I haven’t had much time to explore, but I couldn’t wait to share the opportunity for you to sign up and use the site now. It seems to feature a points system, which will appeal to the gamer in any of our students and hopes to provide “the kind of “digital entertainment immersion” most likely to appeal to this audience, and in so doing greatly increase learners’ exposure to a wide range of authentic spoken English.”

Can’t wait to spend more time on the site!

I first came across English Attack when I saw a presentation listed at TESOL France last year by one of the founders, Paul Maglione.

The presentation is excellent, and full of the same kinds of ideas that appealed to us when we decided to set up Digital Play, so I’m sure you’ll find it of great interest.

You can see the slides to his presentation below:

View more presentations from Paul Maglione.


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