3rd World Farmer Note Taking Activity

Level: Upper-Intermediate

Location: Connected classroom

Skills focus: Note Taking

Game: 3rd World Farmer

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Download a copy of the 3rd World Farmer Worksheet (which contains learner worksheet and teachers’ notes).


Hand out a copy of the student worksheetUse the teacher’s notes to play the game.  The interesting thing about this game is that is purposely designed to be difficult to win and progress.  The reason for this is that the game is intended to raise awareness and mirror the plight of third world farmers who themselves may live in no win situations.  In effect the game simulates the impossible to win situation that third world farmers can face.

Post Play

Learners use their notes to complete a writing for homework.  Possible writing activities:

Write a letter to a newspaper from the view point of the farmer to ask for help.

Write a letter to a bank for the farmer asking for a bank loan.

Write an information pamphlet entitled ‘The Plight of 3rd World Farmers’.

Write a composition entitled ‘3rd World Farming is a ‘no win’ situation’.

If you have any suggestions on other writing activities or ways to scaffold the then please feel free to share them in the comments section.


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