Halloween spot the difference

Level: Beginners/ Primary

Location: Connected Classroom

Topic: Halloween

Skills Focus: Speaking

Game: The Halloween game


  • Learners write the numbers 1 – 10 in their notebooks.
  • Present the image above to the class.  It works better if you just present one but the activity still works if you go directly to the site and have both.
  • Brainstorm vocabulary orally by asking “What’s this?” and pointing.  When you have elicited three or four put the learners in pairs and they write the vocabulary they can see next to the numbers.
  • Input language as learners ask “How do you say . . . in English?”, or point and ask “What’s this?”


  • Ask learners if the pictures are the same or different.  (They are different.  It’s a spot the difference game).
  • Elicit the differences orally.  Clicking on the lower image differences changes the picture.
  • Encourage learners to use the vocabulary they wrote down and praise the use of more complex language structures.

Post activity

From memory learners write down/ take notes on the differences.  When they’ve finished they swap books.  Refresh the website page and learners correct/ mark the sentences in the book.


The sentences below can be used as a guideline as to the level of language needed to identify the the differences and help you the teacher see where the differences are.  Use your own discretion as to the level of language learners need to produce in order for you to click the differences on the lower picture.  For the more difficult ones (and towards the end) I accepted “Here!” as the learner pointed.

  1. The yellow dog on the left isn’t happy/ smiling.
  2. The blue dog’s collar is red (not yellow).
  3. A square/ tile on the wall is yellow (not orange)
  4. The candle has got lines.
  5. The pumpkin is sad / scary (not happy/ friendly).
  6. (part of) the curtain is green (not orange).
  7. The table hasn’t got a leg.
  8. The cat’s tail is yellow (not black),
  9. The sofa hasn’t got a line (a line/ crease on the bottom right arm is missing).

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