I Remain – A Zombie story

An online game that is played while reading the story of the game as a narrative story is a great way to get your learners reading.  Playing the game becomes a comprehension check.

Level: Upper intermediate+
Location: Computer room
Narrative tenses & narrative devices.

Game: I remain

Screen shot 2010-05-20 at 2.08.41 PM

  1. Do hangman for the word ‘Z O M B I E’ and ask them to describe what one is.
  2. Learners imagine they have survived a zombie outbreak and they are in a strangers house and in pairs write down 6 things they should do.
  3. Take learners to the computer room and direct them to the ‘I Remain’ story.  Learners then read it and find 3 things they wrote down.


Learners use two open internet explorer pages to play the game as they read the story.

Post Play

  • Learners write the next part of the story.
  • Learners write an imagined walkthrough for the next part of the game.
  • Learners change some of the elements of the story (make it better).
  • Learners reduce the story to a walkthrough.

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