Halloween dress up game

Level: Primary

Location: Computer room

Language Focus: Has got/ is wearing/ colours/ clothes/ parts of the body

Game: Halloween dressing up game

Screen shot 2010-05-31 at 2.58.34 PM


1.  Go to the site yourself and create a character.  Take a screenshot of your character and print off a copy.

2.  Write the character description out .  e.g.

He is a green zombie.  He has got red hair and red eyes.  He is wearing a vampire costume with a pirate’s hat.  He is wearing black boots and round red-rimmed glasses.

3.  Print a copy of the description for each table of learners in your class.

Relay dictation

  1. Put the descriptions up on the wall near each table.
  2. Learners take it in turns to get up and relay dictate the text to the rest of their table.


  1. Learners take their dictation text to the computer room.
  2. Using the text they reproduce the character from the description.
  3. Compare the original (screenshot) with the learner produced characters.


  1. Learners make their own character and use the dictation text as a model to write their own description.
  2. Print off the descriptions and pictures (from screenshots) and put the pictures on the wall.  Read out the descriptions and learners point to the right character.  Put the description up on the wall with each character.

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