Picture Dictation for an Online Game

Level: Pre-intermediate

Location: Classroom

Skills focus: Relay picture dictation

Language focus: There is / are . . . , colours, bedroom furniture, prepositions of place.

Game: Tucoga’s room

Screen shot 2010-04-29 at 3.01.40 PM


  1. Download and print a copy of the Game Picture Dictation.
  2. Put it on the wall in a fairly central position or make four copies and put each copy on the four walls of the classroom.
  3. Hand out a blank piece of paper to each pair of learners.

Reading Activity

  1. Tell the class it’s a dictation but they don’t copy the words.  They should draw the picture.
  2. Learners work in pairs and take it in turns to go and read the text.
  3. They then go back to their partner, relay the text information.
  4. Their partner listens and draws the picture.
  5. They then swap roles and repeat from step 1.

Post Activity

A – Connected classroom

Put the game on the board for learners to compare their pictures with the game.  Talk about the differences e.g. in the game the carpet is big, in my picture it is small etc.  Give points to pairs if they can spot a difference and tell you and two points if they can spot a similarity.  Don’t allow repetitions on the sentences.

B – Computer room

Learners play the game by listening to you describe how to play the game using the walkthrough.  i.e. a live listening.


Learners use two internet explorer pages.  One to play the game, the other to read the walkthrough.


There is a mistake in the Game Picture Dictation.  It should read ‘wardrobe’ and NOT ‘cupboard’

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