It's not a walkthrough – it's a marathon!

Level: Advanced

Topic: Discussing a sequence of events

Language Focus: Linkers and sequencers, (first of all, then, after that, finally, etc)

Location: Classroom/ Computer room

Game: War Bears: Mission 1

I like this game because well, it’s fun first and foremost.  It’s also very easy to keep an eye on learner’s progress in the game as 90% of the game takes place in the screenshot you can see below.  It’s one of the longest walkthroughs you’ll have seen to date on the Digital Play Blog with a word count just shy of 300, so lots of language to process..  You may have to show learners how to fight in the game – place the cursor over the Bear in the Bandana on the roof and then click on one of the fight options that appear in the mini drop down window.  You also have to stress that they have to restart the mission (by pressing the button in the top right hand corner) if any of the War Bears or hostages get killed.  Have fun!

War bears mission 1Screenshot of the game ‘War Bears’


Print out a copy of the cut up War Bears Walkthrough one copy for each group of 3 or 4 learners. Cut the sections up and shuffle them.


  1. Write ‘game walkthrough‘ on the board and ask learners what they think it means.
  2. Tell learners they are going to play a game but first they have to order the game walkthrough in the correct order.
  3. Hand out a copy of the War Bears Walkthrough to each group of leaners and set a time limit of 5 minutes.  Learners should be encouraged to use the target language (language focus above).
  4. Feedback and ask learners to compare and justify their order.  Learners should again be encouraged to use the target language (language focus above).
  5. Read out the headings in the correct order to give the answer.


  1. In the computer room tell learners they are going to play the game competitively.
  2. They should use the game walkthrough and the pair who has got the furthest through the game at the end of the computer room session is the winner.
  3. For help with language they may ask you or use an online dictionary.
  4. Monitor to make sure the walkthrough is being used.
  5. Stop the activity and declare a winner.

Post Play

  • Set the remainder of the walkthrough as a reading activity for homework.
  • Learners extract the nouns and organise them in a ‘gamers dictionary’ and write a definition/ translation.
  • Write a short story based on the game starting with the sentence:

“When the War Bears arrived they found that the Brown Bears had taken several hostages. It looked like an impossible mission for the WB team.”

  • Write a newsflash news report that covers the events in the game.

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