Abuba The Alien

Level: Pre-intermediate

Location: Computer room

Language Focus: Game vocabulary (things in the street)

Skills Focus:  Receptive – Reading

Game: Abuba the alien


Download and print a copy of the Abuba the alien worksheet for each learner.

Pre Play

  1. Hand out dictionaries and the worksheet for learners to work through.
  2. Learners complete page 1 of the Abuba the alien worksheet (exercise 1 – 3).
  3. As you monitor help with some of the dictionary work by having your own copy and working backwards on the pictures.
  4. As feed back describe one of the objects for learners to guess.
  5. Do exercise 4 on page 2 as an open class activity.  If you can have the image above displayed.  To help learners ask questions like:

“Which of the objects can you see in the street?”

“What do people in films use a pin to open?”

6. Choose a volunteer to read the instructions for exercise 5


  1. Learners play the game in pairs.  They may use an online dictionary.  One learner plays the other completes the work sheet (change roles every 5 minutes or so).
  2. Learners use the answers from exercise 4 to complete the first part of the game (screenshot above).
  3. Then encourage learners to continue playing but to write the game instructions for the next two screens.
  4. For fast finishers they may play an extra screen as long as they continue to write the instructions/ walkthrough.
  5. Stop the activity when all learners have completed the next two screens.

Post Play

  • Learners make their own vocabulary / picture activity for ‘The dog’ and ‘The manhole’ stages of the game (see Abuba the alien worksheet page 1 as an example).
  • For homework learners play some more of the game and write the instructions / walkthrough.

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