A Fun Adventure For Eyes And Ears

Stage 07 is a fun and engaging adventure game where you play the part of young woman called Ms Webb who is on an assignment for her job.  As you play the game you begin to understand that things are not as simple as they at first appear.  At the heart of the game there is a mystery that unfolds as you journey to different locations and talk to different in-game characters.

The main reason I like this game is that you can listen to the characters speak while reading what they say in the speech bubbles.  This provides learners with some nice listening and reading practice.  The dialogue is delivered a little slower than natural speech but this is probably a good thing when using it with English language learners.

This game is also a favourite of mine because you have to engage with the language content.  At times you will start a conversation with someone and you will then be given a choice of possible things you could say.  Depending on what you decide to say affects how the story of the game unfolds.  This provides some great opportunities to discuss in open class what you should say and why.  Then, once the decisions have been made and the dialogue in the game has been completed, you can discuss how good or effective the choices were.

I’ve used this game in both the classroom, presenting the game to the whole class on one computer, and a computer room, with learners playing the game in pairs.  In the latter, I simply get learners to open 3 internet explorer windows for the game, the walkthrough and an online dictionary.  Either way you use the game it definitely helps if you have a copy of the stage 07 walkthrough to hand.  I also found it useful to play the game myself before using it with the class.  There’s one point where the character is walking round the streets and has to talk a couple of times to a man on a bench.  If I hadn’t played the game before nor had I had the walkthrough I think the game would have ground to a halt here.

As we played the game I would ask ‘wh’ questions to ensure learners both understood what was happening, to guide them along the lines of the walkthrough and also just to generate language.  Common questions would be:

“Who is this person?” and “How do you think they can help us?” The singular use of ‘they’ proved of interest to some learners.

What do we know so far?” and “Where do we do next?” An opportunity to recap on and then predict the storyline

Generally if I play the game using the walkthrough I don’t have to think about much other than language issues.  This can be as simple as just helping learners to reach a greater understanding of the game or/and, as opportunities arise, to recycle grammar and vocabulary we’ve covered in the term.

Play the Stage 07 game

Read the walkthrough

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