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Make Your Own Quiz

There’s no reason why this activity cannot be adapted to higher levels.

Level: PreIntermediate

Location: Computer room

Skills Focus: Writing

Language Focus: QASI Questions(Question word + Auxiliary + Subject + Infinitive)

Game: Quizmaker

Here’s one made by a group of my learners:


Present the grammar.

Put learners in pairs or small groups.

Brainstorm favourite films or books.

Learners write 10 questions about the film or book.


Learners turn their questions into a quiz.

Fast finishers can start a new quiz.

Post Activity

When the quiz gets submitted it usually takes a minimum of 48 hours for a quiz to get approved and posted by the site so tell your learners that it won’t be until the next time that they will be able to do each others quiz.  Back in the class brainstorm the title of each groups quiz.  Next class learners can take that list with them, do each quiz and write their score next to it.  The group of learners with the highest score after they are all added together is the winner.